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In today's time every smartphone has great camera, people are constantly clicking and sharing their photos; these camera calls allow people to be exposed to images and visual images in a variety of ways. We look at photos shared by our friends on social media, see store advertising campaigns; images are used to communicate or present to the viewer. Many people take pictures every day but, few of them know how these different types of photography inspire photographers? When we know the different types of photography, we get a different kind of information that can match our photography habits.

Let's take a look at the following 15 types of photography:

Aerial Photos: As we fly or soar above the ground, we are constantly trying to shoot the beautiful scenery below us. For example, when we are on a plane, we always try to take a picture of the area we can see above. This is called Aerial photography.

Design Pictures: Fencing the color, texture, texture or art of any building can be eye-catching. All views of monuments or buildings include this type of imagery. Both the interior and exterior of the building can be customized, but a challenging feature for the photographer is keeping the light and distortion.

Candid Photography: In this method of photography, we capture moments as they happen. The object does not recognize the photographer, so appear naturally which is why the image effects are very relaxed.

Expert Tip: Use very long zoom to take blurry images. If you are going to use a short zoom lens, then the object may be that you are writing it so you do not lose the free and natural image.

Documentary Photography: These are hand-drawn images to highlight a particular image or story. This category includes hand-drawn pictures that form a picture story. These are all independent images that can include the story of war, science, myth and much more. In this genre, we always try to capture all the details that lead to making the picture tell a story.

Fashion Photography: These types of photography are used to advertise something and then sell it. This type includes branding that makes the product look attractive and therefore customers buy it voluntarily.

These types of images should be taken with care and sharpness. We can hold them anywhere like in the studio, in the apartment or outside. We have to make pre-firing preparations before fencing the product. Adjustments can include make-up, styles, location, lighting and obviously the model plays a very important role.

Food Photography: Every day we are given at least something to eat at a restaurant or in a restaurant. The food is fed, clicked and shared by us in the form of photos. Images used by restaurants, websites or bloggers to attract customers and sell their product are called food images.

Expert Tip: Photographs of food are more likely to be taken with natural light. The use of flash has never been recommended while taking food, as it can add unwanted items to our image. It's a big NO for this style. Using a flash can be seen as our fatty food and natural colors can wash out the photos.

Landscape Photography: This type of photography is one of the most popular forms of photography. In this genre, photography of beautiful sceneries, the impact of natural conditions is made. We always love to take a beautiful place as we see a place that is eye-catching and beautiful.

If we want a perfect landscape, then we have to take care of the right light. A tripod is often used as a camera vibration can lead to a motion picture that does not look good. Using a top shutter gives us the perfect picture as a bright amount of light can fall inside the camera and our image can look bright and sharp.

Long-night photography: As dusk falls, there are a variety of beautiful things that the viewer cannot see with the naked eye and that the camera can do for us. This image is mainly focused on light, shutter and opening.

To get the right clip for these photos, you have to be comfortable enough with the manual mode of the camera so the right settings can be made.

Photojournalism: This type of photography is very similar to photography. This includes event photography happening right now and is being reported worldwide.

For example, anything we see in newspapers, news, or magazines is the result of photography.

This includes taking pictures of unexpected events in a planned setting. The photographer has to get to the right place at the right time for it to happen perfectly.

Conceptual / Fine Art Photography: This type of photography involves storytelling. In this genre, we build our own story and our characters in a man-made environment. We need to have an idea of ​​what our outcome will look like and how we can plan to make it happen.

The photographer is always trying to send a message, idea or feeling about these pictures.

Portrait Photography: In this type of photography, everything focuses on the emotion or expressions of the object. It's an interesting story for photographers. A portrait can be a complete body image or it can be a close-up photo. Whatever image we take, our face is very focused.

It should be kept in mind that the image should be sharp and well-focused. The eyes should be especially focused as they throw high emotions. Jokes can be told if we have to make a good impression of our object.

Sport Photography: This is one of the types of photography that involves the fencing of fast-moving or active objects. These sporting events are held using very long lenses.

Expert Tip: It is advisable to use a high ISO when clicking on this type of image. With advanced ISO, we are enabled to create high shutter speeds, which also produce quality images. We can adjust the angles accordingly and we can get a variety of images.

Street Photography: Photographing something in our daily lives or in public places is probably referred to as street photography. It is the same with direct photography. In this genre, a photographer imagines what happens in real or behind the scenes, but apparently focuses on something or a popular tourist destination.

The photographer should look at all the small features that are close to him. As soon as the story unfolds, the picture should be taken.

War Photography: This type works in areas where the war is going on, or is over. Photographers even risked their lives to take these pictures. These pictures or stories can be recorded after the war.

A military photographer's kit should be light enough to change the lenses and camera. It is strictly forbidden to carry heavy accessories. Heavy accessories can get us into trouble when a bad situation arises.

Wildlife Photography: One of the most common and most challenging forms of photography. We have to be very fast with our angle and with our camera settings. One mistake we can make is to miss the mark or the one you want. The image itself can speak when clicked in the right place where it can be.

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