advanced sky replacement effect

Hi there, this is Harris from Crossle in this post I'll show you how to create that Sky Replacement Effect in Filmora. You can also do it in any video editor even if you're just beginner follow these steps to achieve this basic sky replacement. Simply drag and drop any image (any planet's image) and change the blending mode. This effect is dope.
Let's take a look at how to replace the in Filmora Video Editor.
All the images used in it can be download from here:

You must have seen this effect in many music videos. Such as:

  • Future - Jumpin on a jet
  • Ozuna - Baila Baila Baila
  • Chris Brown - Undecided, Etc

Let me tell you that this is not an advanced sky replacement, it is basic.


How to edit?

Make sure your video is shot on tripod. Because if the camera shakes, this effect doesn't work in Filmora this effect only compatible with non-shaky videos.
In the example I've used here a video that shot on tripod and doesn't move the (x or y axis).
  1. First, import the video/image that you want to replace the sky and also import the images which are downloaded from the link given above.
    planets png

  2. Drag the main video clip on the bottom layer then drag any planet & stars image on upper layer.
    filmora x sky replacement

  3. Now double click images go to Transform and resize it or adjust position according to your main video clip.

  4. Go to Composting and set blending mode to Screen, adjust opacity as your need.

  5. That's it, after all this export it.
  6. If you want make it more creative then watch the video above.

Thank you for checking out this!

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