Cinematic color grading

Hi there, this is Harris from Crossle in this article I'll showing you how to give your photos a Cinematic look in Photoshop. One of the best thing about Color Grade, by adding to this makes Photo/Video next level.

I know internet has thousands of Color Grading Presets packs and tutorials, by the way, they are both free and paid. But most of the people confuse which preset will look good on their Photos/Videos.

In view of this, I've made Five different Cinematic Presets for Photoshop. That you will not be confused which preset is best on your photo. One important thing is that you can also use these in Lightroom. I hope you like it. 
You can download some preset (Camera Raw file) for Photoshop/Lightroom: Click here

Here I've made a very simple video on How create this preset in Photoshop and how can use these preset in it. Watch the full video you will understand quickly.

After, watching this video you must have understood how easy it is to apply these presets in Photoshop CC.

Take a look below which color grade presets in this pack..

1. Urban Fade, 2. Neon Night

3. Golden Dust, 4. Faded Blue

Thankyou for checking out this!


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